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Can last of Chinese tool industry development
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Current situation of Chinese tool trade: Enter new century progress is very great, but still have very big difference from development demand
Contemporary and efficient cutting tool calls numerical control cutting tool in domestic habit, it is a when contemporary digitlization makes a technology organic component. In contemporary and efficient cutting tool, cutting tool of efficient hard alloy is brunt product.
In the developed country, hard alloy cutting tool already occupied the 70 % above that all cutting tool sells. And until go up century end, the our country progress in this one domain is very slow still. But since entering new century, quicken modern pace along with our country manufacturing industry, our country digitlized production technology to also obtain rapid development. Go up century end, our country gold cuts a machine tool to produce per year a quantity to already amounted to 190 thousand, but among them numerical control machine tool only 14 thousand; At that time, it is contemporary and efficient cutting tool of the representing with cutting tool of new-style hard alloy, 15% what also be not worth sale of all cutting tool. And 2007, crop of machine tool of our country numerical control already achieved one hundred and twenty-three thousand two hundred, production value numerical control is changed rate achieve 43.7% . With the proportion of the cutting tool of efficient hard alloy that this photograph matchs, also rise to 40.3% what hold cutting tool sale. This shows, since entering new century, machine tool of our country numerical control and efficient cutting tool, obtained fast, synchronous development.
Current, homebred the contemporary and efficient cutting tool that turn, already batch entered automobile industry, mould industry, aerospace, generate electricity each domains such as equipment, current mechanism. The function of partial product, already was achieved or be close to international advanced level, broke entrance cutting tool effectively to be in the monopoly position of a few domains, for our country the normative competition of efficient tool market made contribution.
What must point out more is: Industry of our country tool is intimate development of 10 years, with early days of reforming and opening 20 years a development mode photograph that gives priority to with quantitative dilate than, appeared very positive change. Drive in the market below, large quantities of one tool industries begin to pay close attention to our country modern manufacturing industry to expand the pressing demand of pair of efficient cutting tool, adjust product structure vigorously, drive an industry to upgrade. This makes the development of cutting tool of homebred and efficient hard alloy is able to break the situation that hesitates to press forward for a long time, achieve high speed progress. Successive a few years, its increase rate exceeds 30 % , the growth rate of cutting tool of outclass tradition high-speed steel.
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