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Black lead of isotope of artificial synthesis 13C and black lead Xi score a succ
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Recently, institute of physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences / the doctoral student Cai Weiwei of lab of information of quanta of solid state of laboratory of state of physics of Beijing agglomeration condition goes to the United States the research group that Rodney Ruoff of school of university Austen cent teachs Dekesasi cooperates consider, in Rodney Ruoff professor and the guidance of Chen Dongmin's researcher fall, development gives appearance of deposit of a chemical gas phase (CVD) , relevant achievement is published in " science " on the magazine. Go up in the foundation of this deposit appearance first preparation gives the isotope of high quality 13C that can rival HOPG to synthesize black lead, among them the scale of isotropy 13C and 12C is in 1% to 99.5% adjustable.

Black lead Xi (Graphene) serves as carbon familial in another kind of new material, it is by monolayer 6 horn yuan afterbirth (conformal hexagon) carbolic atom is comprised. This kind of material has rich and new physics appearance. For instance, black lead Xi is a kind of 0 belts unoccupied place half metal / semiconductor material, have a lot of taller than silicon carry stream child mobility. The effect of distinct quanta suddenly Er that observes of late confirmed, although in room temperature download flows child the average and free Cheng in this kind of material and length of be concerned with also can reach micron level. In addition, black lead Xi still can be applied in composite material, batteries / material of super capacitance, Chu Qing, field emissive material and exceed the domain such as acute sensor. Accordingly, numerous researcher is studying how preparation and token are its physics, chemical, mechanical function.

Adopt all sorts of methods, cai Weiwei and its tutor are farther still leave solution of 13C- black lead into Xi of black lead of Xi of 13C- black lead and oxidation of its ramification 13C- . Of this one new material appear to provide a new platform to study the physics of black lead Xi, chemical performance. For example, originally through analysing the 2 dimension 13C- of this kind of material chart of nuclear magnetic resonance (2D 13C-Solid State NMR) , they announced the structure of chemistry of Xi of oxidation black lead with long already dispute. The application of the chemical preparation that should study achievement is rare to black lead and Xi of oxidation black lead has great sense. Was published on September 26 to publish as a result related " science " on the magazine. Additional, this material also conduces to the electric transport property in studying black lead Xi, include the effect of phonon and nuclear spin to electric transport. Current, further research is spreading out below the collaboration with lab of condition of physical place extreme.

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