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Our country increases to demand of tool of high quality hard alloy
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In recent years, as auto industry high speed heart of development and numerical control machine tool, treatment is in the application of each domain enlarges machining ceaselessly and western what big development and northeast promote a plan is farther carry out, high-powered, high accuracy, high additional cost demand of hard alloy product will increase ceaselessly, to 2010 our country only the cost of hard alloy tool that auto industry place requires will achieve 8 billion yuan.
At present domestic company is producing a technology to go up to produce an enterprise to exist with foreign advanced hard alloy bigger difference, the government sector is when work of trade of export of normative hard alloy, should adopt method to adjust the structure that exports hard alloy product, breed and gross, make foreign strong company seek cooperation to home, make its advanced manufacturing technology is in domestic air plant. In the meantime, the country should be mixed from capital, policy the each respect key such as resource develops the company with stronger potential to tilt to the part, make the company of strong hard alloy that gives a few to have international competition capacity, roll out ceaselessly have the high additional cost with strong capability of competition of him technology property right, international hard alloy and deep treatment product.