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The method of other and groovy machining of composite material
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Polymer of hot solid sex base plywood of composite material layer returns the usable and other machine that wait for different (machine of machine of automatic whorl cut, aperture of gear cutting machine, gear shaving machine, bore with a reamer, punching machine and punching machine) undertake machining, treatment craft uses device along with place and decide.

Thermoplastic polymer base plywood of composite material layer can rush cut, punching, cut, heat is cut, aperture of bore with a reamer, roll light to go burr, honing and polish. Strong cut mix with steel model commonly punching machine is achievable. Punching and cut equipment is machined in standard metal aspirant travel, workpiece is OK warm-up also need not warm-up. Nevertheless breach of regular meeting happening, burst mixes these methods potential statified phenomenon, material heals fragile, produce these phenomena to heal serious. Because this must note working temperature, can be opposite appropriately when necessary material warm-up. Hot cut technology introduced thermal conductivity line or blaze heats, so that fuse,cut the workpiece material on secant. Speed of hot cut feed should fuse with material speed photograph matchs. Workpiece should assure when honing and polish won't overheat.

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