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Hyperlox careful wear-resisting is efficient coating
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Hyperlox coating is limited company of day of coating of power competition interest the good solution to product of gear cutting tool. This coating has the slick surface that does not have droplet, elaborate coating structure, high grade tenacity, tall hardness and red rigid, ideal fight oxidisability and strong adhesion, below dry type or the cutting environment that have cooling fluid, hyperlox suits to process the data of difficult cutting. Fight desquamation slick surface, meticulous coating structure, in have tall hardness while have good tenacity again, fought oxidisability and hot rigid high to make the outstanding character of high quality coating. The Hyperlox coat that has high adherent power agrees with the treatment circumstance of big cutting force. Outstanding treatment craft can ensure in cathode vacuum magnetism accuses to splash shoot technical condition to fall to be generated without droplet absolutely. From go up at all ensure exterior ideal is smooth quality, the effect that makes coating material and cutting tool cooperate is ideal.
PVD coating from try to use the history that builds the method that adds thick coating to already had up to now nearly 10 years at first, especially this technology has been been in by successfully application but on dislocation razor blade. CemeCon company produces " add thick " the coating that PVD coating is standard standard. When be aimed at special cutting tool type, the company chooses ALOX SN2 and material of coating of ALOX SN2 Gold, after adding thick coating on one hand, the matrix that protects cutting tool is avoided suffer the undesirable effect that machining a process to wait for an element to cause as a result of high temperature. Next the ply of coating is double, in identical application the condition falls, the service life of cutting tool can be lengthened 100% . Achievement of this research and development is applicably in the future on the turning of common steel and casting pig spare parts and thick mill treatment. ALOX SN2 can be used at the CemeCon coating material of rough machining, through the coating of CemeCon is being used on bit, make bit does not have leftover stress almost, bit besmears layer ply became realizable reality high. To assure bit have enough stability, tall wear extent was offerred in the rough machining ALOX SN2 of steel and cast-iron material, in the milling treatment that is aimed at car crankshaft, coating of have the aid of can achieve very good result, and coating can ask to contain aureate surface according to the client.

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