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Live friendly electrician is general exceed hard whole broach
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Japanese media reports, live friendly electrical engineering hard metal (headquarters: City of red of Yi of arms library county) development went general exceed hard whole broach " Super Multi Drill GS " , will appear on the market on October 21, 2008. This broach with with not the 2 collaboration that jump over consider to be a foundation, both sides designs the development after train of thought reachs consensus basically. This is the first collaboration product that exceeds good bit domain.
In recent years, the domain is machined in bore, to come true energy-saving decrease a platoon and save a space, can narrow treatment facilities bulk, shorten the handling time, efficient process instrumentation that reduces number of treatment machinery stage is more and more welcome. Meanwhile, small-sized machinery also came true not to have oscillatory stable bore treatment, and, the user is right the demand of product of efficient, macrobian life is ceaseless and rising. This broach is to satisfy this kind of requirement development. Through improving cutting blade is mixed the appearance of groove, use new coat to wait make small-sized machinery also realized stable treatment, still improved the performance of the eduction that cut bits when efficient treatment at the same time, prolonged product service life.
Increase the stability of man-hour to rise, optimized broach horizontal blade (the cutting blade of broach center part) with broach center the design of larger part. Reduced the with the generation when penetrating vibration when broach stiletto so, reduced the vibration of broach and cutting resistance at the same time. Cut bits eduction function to rise when efficient treatment, used optimize groove design, it is more imperceptible, easier to make cut bits the design method of eduction. Particular way is perpendicular the design of groove section appearance that is cut off at getting a shaft is J glyph. Service life respect, developed those who use technology of accept rice coating is compound super- multilayer coating " DEX coating " . Through adding silicon and chromium, rose to be able to bear or endure rub bad news sex, be able to bear or endure He Nairong wears the sex that be short of caustic quality, compare with former coating photograph, service life lengthened 2 times.
Respect of range of products, get diameter to be inside limits of 2 ~ 16mm, offer much money product for interval with 0.1mm. Those who suit to machine deepness to get way for standard stock product 2 times or 4 times. All take the exterior kind that offer oil. Price respect, get diameter to be 8mm, suit to machine deepness to get way of 2 times " MDW0800GS2 " for 10 thousand 0 300 yen, treatment deepness is get way of 4 times " MDW0800GS4 " for 10 thousand 2200 yen.

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