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Tool of red in relief hardware strives year of export growth 20%
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Recently, from Dan Yang city exports assemble of hardware tool industry to superintend demonstrative district office to understand, since this year, this city will be used 2 - 4 years time pushs hardware tool industry by " only arms of service " antagonism to " a group army " fight change, strive to export volume growth every year to amount to 20% above.
As we have learned, hardware tool industry is the pillar industry of Dan Yang city. Dan Yang is the Asia's biggest twist drill, stiletto getting, diamond curiums a manufacturing base, home market of of all kinds broach is had rate amount to 60% , the international market is had rate amount to 70% , diamond curiums a home market have rate amount to 55% , the international market is had rate amount to 40% . Last year, sales revenue of this industry implementation is close 9 billion yuan, 20% what occupy enterprise of above of this city dimensions to sell gross earnings; Export kind of five metalworking to have legal check check goods total value amounts to 250 million yuan. But, long-term since, industry of tool of hardware of red in relief city is in opposite concentration, mutual independence, mutual competition all the time, " try water " elementary development level of collaboration, affected international competition ability and market to have rate.
To this, this city will be in 2 - inside 4 years, pull move five metalworking to provide year of export volume to grow considerably, outspread provide industrial catenary with perfect hardware industry, the professional division of labor of industry of aggrandizement hardware tool and group efforts, make hardware tool industry fights development to hit out to whole alone from singles; Breed 2 - enterprise of 3 exit bibcock, help an enterprise obtain a product to export qualification of exempt from examinations, add newly 2 - famous brand of 3 provincial exit, recommend to the international market 1 - 2 each have a brand; Establish standard of product of civil twist drill, execute a product to classification; Build " 3 horizontal strokes one vertical " area changes quality monitoring system and arrive from raw material system of monitoring of end item whole process; Build a tool to examine a platform of communal technology service, electron trades recommend platform examines with visa of quarantine newspaper check serves platform; Begin counterpoise to nod company emphasis side to support an activity, help company expands production and sale dimensions.

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