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7 years economic moving condition and 8 years of economy run mould industry fore
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Chinese mould industry had concern in economic moving happy event 2007. The raw material that one of its care are manufacturing mould, artificial wait for cost cost to rise ceaselessly, compared again 2007 on year went up 20% the left and right sides, cause space of pattern company profit to suffer extruding further, profit margin drops further, some industries already appeared deficit, appear it is afterwards hard. Of its care is mould talent, especially shortage of entire industry of person with ability of high skill, high level, this already restricted the further progress of mould industry. Demand exceeds supply as a result of what gross measures, the normal flow of talent of high administrative levels already became now have a few abnormal, the cost of choose and employ persons of unit of choose and employ persons also raises significantly. In the meantime, talent quality also rises urgently. Of its care is in mould industry prospect of domestic and international market is good with existing enterprise mostly below the case with good profit, mould industry fixed assets is devoted year answer climb one year ceaselessly litre, especially foreign capital and civilian investment more throw eagerly, cause certain domain to already showed saturated situation and low-level repetition. Although the result of a large number of investment has profit to promoting the development of mould industry, but adumbrative also enterprise the competition henceforth is more fierce. Competition can be caused the major key henceforth is rectified and drag in industry grows, what this already caused the personage inside a few course of study is anxious. Current, in partial domain, be in especially in on cheap market, competition already created the situation that harms product quality because of mutual and excessive demand a low price. This already began drag in trade. Of its care is Chinese mould industry overall innovation ability is fragile, integrated level still lags behind than foreign advanced level a lot of, development is very adverse this pair henceforth. Of alleged and integrated level backward incorporated a technology the idea of backward, administrative lag and person mixes backward, product the level is backward etc. Although the enterprise that can rival with photograph of world advanced level also theres is no lack of in industry of our country mould, some products also do not compare world advanced level to differ, but this is minority only after all. With respect to great majority character, we must admit to lag behind, and overall for, not be backward little, lagged behind however a lot of. Overall and laggard main performance is our country mould is in the respect such as structure, precision, efficiency, life and manufacturing cycle and from personnel of course of study integrated quality and level are mixed complete advanced level photograph compares a respect such as labor productivity and international having bigger difference. In addition, the difference that still is put in the respect such as equipment and environment of course.
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