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7 years economic moving condition and 8 years of economy run mould industry fore
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Centrally is watched about developing scientificly and good below the guiding of rapid development policy, chinese countryman economy continued to maintain 2007 continuously the favorable situation that high speed develops. Equipment manufacturing industry develops about accelerating in the State Council of a certain number of opinions drive below, equipment manufacturing industry and mechanical industry got more rapid development. The high speed of the car that regards a mould as main user and product of electronic electric equipment develops, the development that is mould industry built favorable market environment. Because Chinese mould still has larger dominant position on the price, mould level also is rising ceaselessly, there still is stronger competition ability on the international market consequently. In produce need two flourishing, continuously below the total state that high speed runs, economic moving situation can say Chinese mould trade 2007 is to be in overall and hopeful under, there is concern in happy event. Basically be like below a few moving characteristic and problem.
As a whole, chinese mould industry the situation was satisfactory 2007. One of delectable place are industry development is close friends at going up year reach fast at going up year. Good at going up year main show is a mould to large, nicety, complex direction development achievement is highlighted (if already was produced those who gave sheet to cover weight to achieve 100 tons is giant mould and model the mould exceeding essence of life that antrum precision achieves 0.5 μ M and can with 2500, the mould specializations and standardize degree to get rising further (if the mould standard component of Guangdong pattern company is used,enclothe rate already was achieved mostly or exceeded 80% to wait. ) , industry structure is improved further (be in like product structure and structure of imports and exports rationalize of ceaseless incline to) , the industry is forming to be the technical reformation upsurge of main content in order to digitlize with informatization, develop aftereffect to wait amply. And development is rapid at going up year it is to show development speed wants prep above to go up year 18% , be expected to achieve the increase rate of 20% above. Sale of annual mould product 87 billion yuan, among them the mould exports amplitude 36% , reach 1.4 billion dollar. Of delectable place is industry mainstay team is being formed quickly, group type produces means to get further progress, labor productivity rises ceaselessly. Mould industry already had company of backbone of many 84 key at present, now, produce per year a mould the industry entire industry of 50 million yuan of above also has 100 or so. Backbone team is rising to drive the action of the industry. Afterwards after 2006, mould city of the whole nation (garden area, assemble produces base) got further progress. Of mould city yield should compare go up year of growth 25% above. Mould industry is entire a labor productivity than going up year have 10% above rise. Of delectable place is international collaboration develops further, chinese mould is blending in the world quickly, also be Chinese mould consequently the further progress henceforth created more advantageous condition. No matter be to go out to postpone a visit or be exhibited,call in, the activity of international cooperation respect should compare Chinese mould industry 2007 in former years is richer, participation company number and number are more, effect is more distinct.
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