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Flying mechanism builds course of study to wait for the demand of equipment to t
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Feburary 2008, in principle of the State Council approves large airlines science and technology to weigh big special and formal project approving. Premier Wen Jiabao says: Developing big airlines independently is the Central Committee of Communist Party of China, the State Council made major strategy is decision-making, the both hands that this means a Chinese to want to use this and wisdom make an alive bound get on competitive big airlines. What cries competitive? Want to realize batch to produce namely, and achieve safe, economy, comfortable these 3 main goals, competitive on home, international market. It is not easy to make large aircraft, want to break through a lot of crucial technologies, especially engine, material and electronic equipment.
On May 11, chinese business uses an aircraft finite liability company holds water formally in Shanghai, indicate development project starts a Chinese air bus formally. The design that Chinese business basically pursues civil aircraft with aircraft company, development, production, make and carry on the business such as the treatment production of aircraft component.
Our country passes plane of development branch line, in talent, technology, material, make, the respect such as project management accumulated certain experience, laid solid foundation to develop big airlines next. At present production enterprise is in a few planes of our country to produce crucial component for the company such as Boeing, empty guest, the productivity that makes large aircraft was had on certain level.
Key of development big airlines should strengthen plane research and development, crucial part to create the capacity that reachs the side such as sale of general assembly, market, want to break through aircraft engine, airborne equipment, material to wait for crucial core technology. The treatment of typical spare parts and difficult treatment material also is an among them crucial link.
How does machine tool industry serve for aviation industry, want to understand the structure of the aviation component such as the plane and craft characteristic above all.
One, the structural characteristic of aircraft spare parts
The structural characteristic of typical aircraft spare parts is thin wall structure, form is complex, deformation bevel changes outside big, the appearance is hyperboloid more, requirement figuration is accurate. To reduce plane weight, the maneuverability that adds an airplane and raise effective load and range, undertake light quantify a design, use new-style light qualitative data extensively. To raise spare parts intensity and working dependability, basically use integral wool blank and structure of integral Bao Bi. Use aluminium alloy, titanium in great quantities now alloy, high temperature resistant alloy, high strenth steel, composite material. The Bao Bi with complex structure, beehive not only form is complex, and many aperture, cavity, groove, reinforcement, craft tigidity is poorer.
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