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Mechanical industry: Current requirement glides boom continues be issued to lowe
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Data of near future trade presents state of fall after a rise. 1-8 month, current equipment line of business and sale of special equipment line of business are added fast still maintain in 30% the left and right sides, but profit is added fast appear to put delay apparently. Profit of current equipment line of business is added fast by the past two years 40% fall to inadequacy 30% ; Professional equipment line of business by close last year 70% fall to 20% , add fast all chase season to glide, achieve nearly 3 years new low.

Become divided of special equipment line of business is apparent. 1-8 month engineering is mechanical (in classics network requirements, similarly hereinafter) income is added fast chase season to put delay to 49.5% , profit is added fast fall to 2.66% , opposite last year nearly 150% , glide considerably, specific and character, the concrete equipment, facility for transporting that shovel earth reachs a heavy equipment to add fast faster, produce per month quantity plan with 1-8, 3 person add fast it is respectively 54.9% , 25% with 21% , squeezing ramming machinery is reduced - the negative growth of 5.6% . Railroad of benefit from benefit from invests rapid growth, railroad facility for transporting maintains tall boom, sales revenue increases 1-8 month this year fast amount to 33.4% , achieve nearly 3 years new tall, profit is added fast still be as high as 72% . Income of month of 1-8 of mining quarry equipment and profit are added fast be as high as respectively 47% with 58% , maintain nearly 3 years of perch.

Current equipment line of business all differs degree is put amortize to attack by demand. Profit of machine tool industry is added fast the fall after a rise that chase season, 1-8 month is this year 38% , , opposite at 7 years of levels of 70% , glide considerably, look further, general accuracy machine tool suffers concussion bigger, 1-8 month output is added fast fall to 5.6% , achieve nearly 4 years new low. Numerical control machine tool is close friends relatively some, add fast for 10% . Embellish of 1-8 monthly interest increases bearing trade this year fast also be in chase season to glide, by 1-2 month 127% fall to 1-8 month 57.6% . Embellish of 1-8 monthly interest increases gear case trade this year fast fall to 34% , be close to nearly 3 years of low.

Steel price drops quickly, cost pressure improves continuously. Steel price was reached in September be in at the beginning of October drop quickly posture, steely and downstream demand basically comes from related estate demand, occupy than nearly 40% , be based on pair of estate to continue low confused judgement, steel price is in future inverts hard inside a year, pressure of mechanical trade cost will improve continuously.

Near future data reviews the trade

Industry growth continues to present the state that put delay. Data of couplet of the machine in occupying, this year 1-7 month, our country mechanical industry achieves sale production value in all five thousand and eleven billion eight hundred and ninety-four million yuan, grow 29.46% compared to the same period, fall after a rise of month of increasing ratio 1-6 0.6 percent. This was 2008 appear first annulus compares fall after a rise, be worth to pay close attention to.
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