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Of the industry of lumber of countryside cloud floatstone of characteristic " mo
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Yun Fu is the area of resource of defective stone material, develop however it is one of 4 big Shicai base of our country, have the honor to win " center of base of Chinese stone material " , " Chinese stone ability is current demonstrative base, "The country that Chinese stone material produces distinguishing feature " honorary, yun Fu expands stone lumber line of business, have following distinguishing feature:

One, the business is much. The either side of line of 324 lines nation that area of surplus of company of cloud floatstone lumber basically is wanting city white Zhu Zhen high to reach Luo Ding city centrally, greatly small stone lumber company slightly plan have many 4000, form unrivaled " a covered corridor or walk of material of stone of a hunderd li " , terribly is grand. In these enterprises, invest 5 million yuan of above have many 500. Astute Yun Fu to develop the market, be in respectively Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Hong Kong, Macao, Fujian, Shandong, Sichuan, Xinjiang, inside and other places of unconscious, Liaoning opens branch or retail sales, some wait for a country to create contact dot or office of purchase and sale in the United States, Spain, Iran, India, Turkey even, the concerned company that can say cloud floatstone capable person is distributed countrywide each district and world major area.

2, stone material breed is much. The breed that sees in place of market of cloud floatstone lumber but reduce 12 old series, 23 class are fastened. All have variety of red, yellow, blue, green, black, violet, hemp, white, gold, silver-colored, Fei, beautiful material waiting for stone from the colour and lustre of stone. Breed has big board, norms board, answer line of plywood, thin plate, arc board, columnar, Fang Zhu, stone, spell pink of stone of beautiful, geomantic ball, stone carving, mosaic, hillock, microcrystalline stone, stone] , , can say to be in stone lumber market of Yun Fu, breed full of beautiful things in eyes, design diversity, breed is all ready, eye making a person does not far. There is what stone capable person on the world, in the cloud float can see, there is the stone material product of what on the world, in the cloud float also can be found.

3, lead craft is much. Craft of stone material treatment is famous, and the front row that technical respect walks along in the whole nation. Be like: Stone spells a graph to be born in Yun Fu above all. Figure it may not be a bad idea, animal it may not be a bad idea, landscape it may not be a bad idea, large and delicate it may not be a bad idea, do not have without place, and every product is lifelike, be like crazy be like drunk. Masterly technology, of flawless go all out close, your person sighs and watch stop. Be like again " armrest of the first stone of countrywide " also be in the cloud float comes out; Lively geomantic either entrepreneur of cloud floatstone material leads a development; Marble mosaic goes in Yun Fu to begin; The grind grain that the float of cloud of hillock stone preexistence of be routed world makes the promising young person of rank brick; "Bath archaize stone " , " without seam cylinder " patent project is won in Yun Fuxian; Curium boundary stone machine already applied toward the times in Yun Fuqing; Granite bound is in home of Yun Fu head to succeed into plank; Stone material answer plywood, thin plate is in early Yun Fu is designed in person head and produce; All sorts of abnormity handicraft of stone material are in Luo Sha industrial district of Yun Fu above all be pregnant with; The product of such and technology, go in domestic thereinbefore.
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