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Hubei, Hunan, Henan, Jiangxi, Sichuan, Chongqing is saved (city) development is reformed appoint, company of prices bureau, power, china in electric inspect bureau, inspect of report of Zhengzhou, Changsha, Chengdu does, china in company of electrified wire netting:
To alleviate power company produces management difficulty, safeguard electric power is supplied, stimulative resource is managing, basis " the country develops innovation appoint the announcement that concerns an issue about raising electric power price " (send 〔 revising report 2008 〕 207) spirit, the decision rises appropriately China in level of electrovalency of electrified wire netting. Inform concerned item as follows now:
, adjust online electrovalency appropriately
(one) the influence that to alleviate coal rises in price, rise appropriately generate electricity enterprise online electrovalency. China in electrified wire netting concerns a province (city) aircrew of coal fired of attune of all of electrified wire netting (contain pyroelectricity couplet to produce unit) online electrovalency (contain tax, similarly hereinafter) every kilowatt hour is the standard that raise price respectively: Hubei saves 2.3 minutes of money, Hunan Province 1.8 minutes money, Henan saves 2 minutes of money, Jiangxi to save 1.5 cent money, Sichuan to save 2.7 minutes of money of city of 2.09 cent money, Chongqing. Increase partial electrovalency on the low side, deficit appropriately at the same time the online electrovalency of serious power plant, about the power plant specific electrovalency level sees accessory one.
(2) rise accord with national approve (examine and approve) surveyor's pole of aircrew of new put into production gets online electrovalency. Provincial electrified wire netting is unified attemper inside limits, the set of coal fired of new put into production that installs desulphurization establishment (contain pyroelectricity couplet to produce unit) every kilowatt hour adjusts online electrovalency respectively for: Hubei saves 0.405 yuan, Hunan Province 0.4205 yuan, Henan saves 0.3692 yuan, Jiangxi saves 0.4 yuan, Sichuan saves 0.3687 yuan, Chongqing city 0.3643 yuan. Did not install the set of desulphurization establishment, online electrovalency is on afore-mentioned electrovalency foundations every kilowatt hour deducts 1.5 minutes of money. After aircrew of new put into production enters commercial operation, online electrovalency is uniform carry out by afore-mentioned prices.
(3) Xiang Huazhong of 3 gorge power station concerns a province (city) every kilowatt hour raises power transmission price respectively for: Hubei saves 0.2306 yuan, Hunan Province 0.2397 yuan, Jiangxi saves 0.255 yuan, Henan saves 0.2389 yuan, Chongqing city 0.229 yuan; Every kilowatt hour raises be born electrovalency respectively for: Hubei saves 0.2927 yuan, Hunan Province 0.3021 yuan, Jiangxi saves 0.3179 yuan, Henan saves 0.3012 yuan, Chongqing city 0.291 yuan. 3 gorge power station sends China in concerned province (city) the transmit electricity price of settle accounts and transmit electricity allow loss rate still is pressed hair change the value [regulation of 2003]1028 date file is carried out.
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