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Severe report accusing oil moves price impact
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The country develops innovation appoint still point out, coal price level is at present higher, rise to prevent take turns of case of coal, electrovalency, come since this day on December 31, 2008, generate electricity to be carried out with coal to the whole nation face measure of interpose of current price case. During facing current price case to intervene, countrywide coal produces an enterprise to use the price giving mine of coal for generating electricity, must not exceed value of factual on June 19, 2008 close an account.
The country develops innovation appoint requirement, company of concerned oil, electric power, coal should implement national price policy strictly, strengthen produce and allocate and transport, ensure the market is supplied. Various price is in charge of a branch to want to take a variety of step, oil of strict control finished product and electric power price adjust the influence to the market, strengthen price of finished product oil, coal, electric power to carry out the supervisory examination of circumstance and market value, prevent to build a car to rise in price; Severe blow does not carry out  of national price policy and be puzzled of start a rumour the behavior of the order of disturbed market value such as Ju Ji of numerous, corner, maintain market stability.

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