Severe report accusing oil moves price impact
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Recently, the country develops innovation appoint issue an announcement, the decision rises from June 20 price of benzine, derv every tons raise 1000 yuan, aviation kerosene price rises 1500 yuan every tons; Since July 1, sell the throughout the country electrovalency average every kilowatt hour raises money 2.5 minutes. Price of liquid gas, natural gas is not made adjust. Announcement requirement, concerned business should implement national price policy strictly, branch of various price officer should control finished product oil and electric power price strictly to adjust the influence to the market.
The announcement points out, since nearly one paragraph of period, international market oil price is climbed substantially continuously litre, went up since the middle ten days of a month this year in Feburary especially fast accelerate. Oil of domestic finished product and original fat price hang contradictory aggravate, company treatment and entrance loss are severe, factory of major place refine is in condition of stop production, half stop production, supply and demand is contradictory and outstanding. Concern to straighten the price stage by stage, make sure oil of domestic finished product is supplied, stimulative oil natural resources is managing, the decision raises standard of finished product oil price appropriately.
The country develops innovation appoint point out at the same time, move the influence that valence lives to masses to decrease, control the chain-reacting that move price, move the pay that value raises to oil of this finished product, take step of the following and integrated form a complete set: It is pair of kind of grain farmer, fishery (contain deep-sea fishing) , forestry executes finance allowance. Among them, to planting grain farmer already increased this year farming endowment on the foundation that fills integratedly continuously, finance increases 5 yuan of allowance every mus again; 2 it is pair of cities passenger transport of way of public transportation, country (the border that contain an island and rural canalage passenger transport) execute finance allowance, carriage price does not rise; 3 be rise from July, the town is small protect population to increase allowance every months each 15 yuan, the country increases 10 yuan; The 4 influences that are industry of pairs of style of finished product oil price is whole taxis, through raising finance allowance, farther clear unreasonable burden is solved, price of short duration is not adjusted; 5 it is price of passenger traffic of liquid gas, natural gas, railroad is not made adjust. Finance this day leaves batch of each district in the center of each allowance fund.
The country develops innovation appoint make clear at the same time, this electrovalency is adjusted, production of civil to urban and rural house report and agriculture, chemical fertilizer is not made with electrovalency case adjust, 3 provinces suffer Sichuan, Shaanxi, Gansu Province the county with seismic calamity serious effect (city) the price that use phone also is not made adjust.
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