Our country comes on stage choose machine environmental duty
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Assistant director Zhou Guomei is in institute of policy of environment of international of research center of policy of department of national environmental protection yesterday " annual meeting of Chinese green company " on divulge, environmental protection ministry and other department are publishing a series of environment policy, include the price, commerce, taxation to wait.

Zhou Guomei says, environmental protection ministry and relevant revenue department are studying all the time the different program of environmental duty, include independence environment tax, blend in model environmental duty setting, will raise blowdown to collect fees stage by stage this year, come on stage choose machine environmental taxation.

On the meeting, lv Xuedou of vice director of office of environment of whole world of ministry of science and technology expresses, our country is changing in research country climate the overall strategy of the respect, strengthen a country to answer the ability of the change that enrage Hou to build, wanted to begin to study new tomorrow answers the program that climate changes 2010.

Chinese development studies Shang Min of foundation deputy secretary-general expresses, solve environmental protection problem to need to solve the financing problem of environmental protection, want to establish mechanism of a market, abide by to who pollute to pay cost and who to be benefited who pays cost these two principles.

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