Policy of machine tool imports and exports adjusts: Enlarge exit guiding entranc
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Summary: Electromechanical of Department of Commerce and industry of science and technology manage director of Wang Qin China attends association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool the 5th 5 standing director (expand) the conference, made important speech on the meeting, introduced a country to adjust direction in the policy of respect of product imports and exports, policy adjusted the imports and exports that how should understand a country to be elaborated in detail.

1, enlarge import policy

To enlarging an entrance to whether can be opposite home equips the development of manufacturing industry causes impact, whether to meet what interference the State Council just decides accelerate the execution of the policy that promotes equipment manufacturing industry. Our course is as long as the discussion of half an year, get rising ceaselessly to the understanding of this problem, united understanding finally.

Want to understand a country correctly to enlarge the policy of the entrance, above all cannot enlarge entrance and industry of development machine tool to oppose rise. From the point of big field, we do not fear competition, open can promote an industry to compete, stimulative industry rises. Come nearly 30 years from reforming and opening, the success that machine tool industry grows says palpability opens the motive force that can bring reform and innovation adequately, promote the promotion of our industry. Industry of our machine tool can obtain today's result, obtain in open process namely, if still be the environment that close, the likelihood returns short of today such industrial dimensions.

Next, expand introduce advanced equipment, should equip above all the equipment manufacturing industry of ourselves. According to the investigation report of association of Chinese machine tool, the numerical control that industry of our machine tool equips is changed rate have 10% only, say palpability regards the machine tool that to us equipment manufacturing industry provides machine tools as the enterprise, the equipment standard of oneself rises with respect to need. Enlarge an entrance, should import namely advanced, our country economy builds the facility of a need, manufacturing industry of equipment of should first consideration, especially the demand of machine tool industry. Industry of our machine tool should raise his equipment level above all, in order to get used to modern requirement. So, industry of our machine tool should be enlarge an entrance from the country in policy above all the industry of benefit.

Enlarge an entrance to still include to be mixed into ventriloquial art a few important goods and materials, this also will rise to promote action to the development of national economy. Other industry grew, to us machine tool industry also can have pull a movement to use.

We enlarge the policy of the entrance, consider very meticulous still. Want to accord with catalog regulation above all. Catalog is industrial policy, it is oriented. Still have method and strict checkup additionally the program guards a pass.
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