Metallic stuff trades market occupation standard is about to carry out
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Come out from Department of Commerce message, inland trade occupation standard " metallic stuff trades standard of market control technology " (SB/T 10436-2007) will carry out formally at rising on March 1 this year.

According to system of market of Department of Commerce construction manages relevant controller expresses, this standard trades to metallic stuff the management environment of the market and management technique requirement undertake formulary.

According to introducing, this standard applies to the gives priority to with over-the-counter trading metal stuff in applying for practice and operation to trade the market and other production data trade the part of metallic stuff over-the-counter trading in the market. The metallic stuff that says here basically includes steel, iron, aluminous, copper, zinc to wait reach its alloy material, pressure delay a product, do not include the precious metal such as gold, silver-colored, platinum.

Chief still expresses related Department of Commerce, standard content basically includes the following two respects:

It is from environment of area of optional location, field, trade facilities of spatial environment, facilities 4 respects, to the market management environment raised normative requirement. Trade in mature different form the market is real on the foundation of demand, introduce modern other people to shed a concept, to service, wholesome, communication, information, fire control, storage, carry, assemble and unassemble, metric, safe monitoring, quality detects waited for item-by-item of facilities facilities respect to refine technical requirement, have stronger operation sex.

2 it is the administrative idea that the standard introduced ISO9001 and method, the quality management system that from commodity quality management, agency management, service manages and builds the market 4 respects, raised normative requirement to market management field. Upgrade in order to make market control, service promotion, serve better at buyers and sellers.

This controller emphasizes, department of Commerce will organize relevant unit actively, the conduct propaganda that fortifies a standard and groom, encourage the market to join self actual condition implements a standard, support an industry timely begin a standard to carry out the effect to evaluate. Trade with stuff of metal of this stimulative our country the market perfects management environment, promotion serves a function, the standard manages order, increase the capacity that shares international competition.

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