Ministry of land natural resources: Tax cost adjusts resource to already had ini
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Wang Min emphasizes, active mining advantageous position uses tax collection level, remove its due economy to adjust hard apparently below new condition action.
Recently, geology of undersecretary of ministry of land natural resources, China investigates bureau director Wang Min to be in center of two meetings news to express to the reporter, tax cost adjusted resource to there has been an abecedarian plan now, they are in the requirement according to the State Council, cooperated the concerned branch such as the Ministry of finance to begin comprehensive survey.
Resource duty remains adjust
Wang Min discloses, of resource duty collect means general by " from the quantity plan ask for " instead " from valence plan ask for " .
He expresses, be encircled for keep within limits and not explore, horse race is covered an area of, actually land ministry 1998 with respect to collection royalities of prospect authority, mining authority, but the standard that begins collection 3 years is, prospect counterpoises every square kilometer is annual 100 yuan of money, since the 4th year, raise 100 yuan of money every year, but highest do not exceed 500 yuan of cash. Mining authority royalities, every square kilometer is annual collection 1000 yuan of money.
"Such collection standard, remove its due economy to adjust hard apparently below new condition action. "To this Wang Min emphasizes, a few this years mine product value goes high continuously, what ought to mirror resource in the price is rare lack rate, reflect the cost of its safe environment.
Whether can resemble building oil to lay in the strategy that mineral products resource builds like the center, wang Min says, the reserve of mineral products resource is undertaking study. But he emphasizes, the price is not the only reason that builds reserve system absolutely, at the same time also national finance takes out money to be able to be built reserve system, it is departmental door should a mutual and harmonious, work that coordinate.
Wang Min explains, its implementation is in an a few significant mining advantageous position, a few big industry or the quantitative dimensions with the mineral authority fair provision of for military use, assure long-term supply, also be a kind of reserve actually, "Include to strengthen perambulate of mineral products resource now, can offer a few look for mining area long-termly, also be a long-term reserve. "
Coal productivity is more than demand
The information of the small coal mine that stop passes before regaining the share what discuss to causing heat, gu Jihai of director of department of government of development of mineral products of ministry of land natural resources also became knowledge yesterday commentate. He expresses, because a variety of reasons are caused,this is, include to carry a problem to wait, because shut the coal company productivity that brings about to be not worth, is not merely.
"Productivity of our coal company is more than coal product requirement now. Will tell from whole, we execute dimensions to change, intensive is changed manage, do not have a problem completely to making sure the stability with long-term coal is supplied. "Gu Jihai says, up to China had 80 thousand many coal mines 2005, but coal output still is less than 1.1 billion tons.
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