Our country issues standard of country of material of 7 accept rice
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Accept rice is unit of a length, be 1 meter 1 billion 1/0. When corporeal grain small when measuring level to accept rice, this kind of material is called accept rice material. Because its provide some special functions,be applied by more and more products. Nowadays, many businessmen play rose " magic of accept rice technology " , of pass away the sham as the genuine " accept rice " the product is fooled and go up.

According to introducing, our country has standard of data of 15 accept rice to be in research formulate at present. The level of material of 7 accept rice that Bencitong crosses includes " technical terms of accept rice material " , of product of material of two accept rice detect method and standard of product of 4 accept rice, rose to be carried out formally on April 1 from this year at the same time.

Current, the country adopts inspect appoint had worked in the preparation that begins attestation of accept rice material to approbate, groom to identifying card personnel to undertake accept rice detects, work up has the market admittance mechanism of accept rice material. At the appointed time, those have " accept rice " the ability after the product of model of written characters must be approbated through attestation above all enters the market.

7 standards include level of a term, two detect method standard and 4 products standard, it is respectively: " technical terms of accept rice material " (GB/T19619-2004) , " of particle size distribution of accept rice powder determine scattering way of X ray small part " (GB/T13221-2004) , " law of aeriform adsorption BET determines solid state material is accumulated than the surface " (GB/T19587-2004) , " accept rice nickel.

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