27 billion yuan of support drive the Ministry of finance energy-saving decrease
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2008 is to finish " 915 " the key of target of sex of the energy-saving tie that decrease a platoon a year. Promote the energy-saving work that decrease a platoon to support energetically, the Ministry of finance planned 27 billion yuan of special fund 2008, among them: 10 big focal points are energy-saving the project rewards capital 7.5 billion yuan; Construction of net of canal of center-west region city rewards capital 7 billion yuan; Fall into disuse backward produce can reward capital 4 billion yuan; "3 rivers 3 lakes " reach Songhua River catchment to administer promotive fund 5 billion yuan; The environment monitors ability construction and energy-saving foundation job to wait for 3.5 billion yuan. In addition, 14.8 billion yuan when Jiashangzhong ends in building investment, be arranged, finance adds up to in the center of 2008 arrangement is used 41.8 billion yuan at support to push the energy-saving work that decrease a platoon.

Zhang Shaochun of undersecretary of Ministry of finance points out, our country is already preliminary in recent years built accord with requirement of socialist market economy already, pass through with international again the finance support that the practice conforms basically is energy-saving the policy system frame that decreases a platoon. The Ministry of finance will increase working strength further this year, base oneself upon at " pay attention to 4 times " advance energy-saving decrease a platoon. It is to pay attention to a foundation, clutch namely build system of energy-saving statistic, report, audit, build perfect can system of effect standard label, beaded finish condition superintends ability to build, make the section can decrease a platoon to build on solid base. 2 it is to pay attention to a mechanism, hold to namely and perfect finance special fund " with award era fills " new mechanism, popularize form a complete set of establishment of sewage disposal of application, city to run the concern such as net construction to great and energy-saving technology and product the crucial domain of the energy-saving effect that decrease a platoon and crucial link, take finance special award fund and energy-saving method of link up with of the quantity that decrease a platoon, much more energy-saving decrease a platoon, much award; Short of is energy-saving the target that decrease a platoon, want to undertake condemnatory. 3 it is to pay attention to harmonious, continue to strengthen namely reform with development appoint, of the branch such as housing and ministry of urban and rural construction, environmental protection ministry communicate harmonious, form resultant force. 4 it is to pay attention to supervise, undertake supervisory checking to the appropriate of the energy-saving capital that decrease a platoon, use circumstance jointly with concerned branch namely, prevent capital to hold back, divert, ensure capital uses benefit.

Zhang Shaochun introduces, at present the Ministry of finance is studying exploration builds support to advance energy-saving the lasting effect mechanism that decreases a platoon, the key is to clutch excogitate a stage to encourage energy-saving the taxation policy that decreases a platoon, build energy-saving product government to purchase a system compulsively, perfect urban sewage disposal and blowdown rate system to spend, achieve effect a permanent cure of take temporary solution stage by stage, realize exterior cost interior to change, move a company energy-saving the enthusiasm that reduces a platoon. In the meantime, research uses market method or the mechanism pushs the energy-saving work that decrease a platoon, include to execute blowdown authority is paid obtain and trade system; Build cross catchment zoology to compensate a mechanism; Push mining industry in the round authority is paid obtain and build processing of environment of mine company mining area and zoology to restore responsibility mechanism, and research builds carbon to trade system.
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