Henan province publishs the energy-saving target that decrease a platoon to ask
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Energy-saving decrease those who who discharge not to move real, use whose government-owned label. Recently, the reporter learns about the branch from Henan province, government of provincial Party committee, province allots " ask about fulfilling the energy-saving goal that decrease a platoon duty make and " one ticket is overruled " the provision that make " the announcement already was sent a few days ago to complete province.

Energy-saving it is important to decrease a platoon to make outstanding achievement assessment content

This one " set " clear, will save Henan since this year each district specific power consumption is reduced and contaminant decreases an in finished state to bring into society of each district economy to develop to examine system integratedly is, as the government leader cadre examines the serious content that examines with company controller outstanding achievement integratedly. Examine way according to responsibility of the energy-saving target that decrease a platoon, to saving administer each municipal government is mixed Gong Yi, Deng Zhou, always city, solid only then, city, medium Mou Liu enlarge authority county (city) responsibility of the energy-saving target that decrease a platoon assesses a result, after classics province government is authorized, hand in execute about the regulation by according to of cadre management department ask strictly duty make and " one ticket is overruled " make.

8 kinds of circumstances are executed " the ticket is overruled "

" set " requirement, every is executed in what the energy-saving respect that decrease a platoon has one of following state " one ticket is overruled " make, of the energy-saving target job that includes make known to lower levels of half-baked province government; Of the great and energy-saving measure that did not implement country and province to decide; Chemical oxygen demand and discharge capacity of 2 oxidation sulfur have or two unfinished manhood spends assignment of the goal that decrease a platoon; Pollution decreases an assessment to divide a value to fail; Half-baked environment is integrated of repair job; Contamination accident of great to happening inside area of place administer administration environment handles not do one's best to cause serious consequence; The pollution that did not ask by country and province government construction is necessary decreases a platoon to administer establishment; Did not build main contaminant gross to reduce a count, monitor and examine a system or systematic moving condition is poorer.

Deadline is not rectified and reform reach the designated position do not grant inside year promote

" set " clear, county of authority of the city saving administer to half-baked goal assignment, enlarge (city) government, government of provincial Party committee, province gives notice of criticism, cancel lead of local government and main leader, be assigned personal responsibility for in those days everything is judged first, the qualification that judge actor; Cancel acquired omnibus and the honorary title that concerns with the energy-saving job that decrease a platoon; Province time-out builds high cost to this area can, tall discharge project and the examination that add industrial land newly and approve.
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