Yuan Qingpeng: The problem that national battalion enterprise faces currently in
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The abrasive of autumn whole nation that held in Dalian on September 20 grinds Fair of carborundum of a trade news communication and corundum of the 48th China to go up, science and technology of battalion of expert of research of company of Chinese civilian battalion, China civilian promotes business of can deputy secretary-general, north capital to manage scientific academy dean Professor Yuan Qingpeng did a problem to be " China.
Come first half of the year this year, come recently especially, international home produced a few big situation change, grind an abrasive industry to face this kind of new environment, how to come true good fast, develop healthily to worry an industry to be placed in our country abrasive continuously, and even the new topic before whole medium and small businesses.
The United States second the outbreak that borrows the crisis, brought about a dollar to devalue continuously, the RMB appreciates continuously, exit company profit appeared to glide; Crude price of international rises continuously, brought about price of of all kinds raw material to rise continuously; Plus new labor contract law come on stage, brought about what the enterprise produces cost to rise; Still domestic international market appeared atrophic; And current from tight credit monetary policy. This by us broad in small assimilate to of ground of figure of civilian battalion entrepreneur encountered a 4 chopper, cord for us. How do we do below this kind of environment.
In small the development that civilian battalion company comes through 30 years, the contribution in our country also was not in the past again what people imagines is the problem that solved obtain employment and taxation merely, past all circles is right we from discrimination, be hostile to to cannot be ignored, height takes seriously, demonstrative medium and small businesses has risen to national contribution for deep the contribution of one administrative levels, state-owned and large company is the back of national economy, medium and small businesses is national economy cell. This year is reforming and opening comes to China 30 years one year economy is the most difficult, the Party Central Committee, height of the State Council takes seriously, central high level pays close attention to highly so in small civilian battalion enterprise this is unprecedented, medium and small businesses also is the nuclear power that promotes region economy development, this also caused the height of local government to take seriously.
How from macroscopical on hold, from microcosmic on the medium and small businesses that has managed us, professor Yuan parts from world outlook and methodology two angle told 6 to transform with 8 big concerns, from macroscopical and microcosmic land of two respects development is analytic how does our country medium and small businesses take corresponding the way to deal with a situation.
One, our country medium and small businesses should produce 6 about-face from world outlook respect.
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