The 12nd international is advanced abrasive technology conference (ISAAT)
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The 12nd international is advanced abrasive technology conference (ISAAT) will in September 2009 27~30 day is in coast of Kun Shilan gold holds Australia. The conference by committee of international abrasive technology (ICAT) learn with Japanese abrasive technology (JSAT) sponsor, university of Australian much place assist do. Congress collects a paper extensively to the whole world, main concentration is in paper content to wait with abrasive and emery wheel, cutting tool of all kinds the production technology that grinds cutting tool to concern, grind the research such as cutting processing technique and applied respect. Will be collected with EI by the paper of pitch on magazine " advanced material studies " (Advanced Materials Research) print of special issue form goes out. The paper receives draft date of expiration on January 28, 2009.
Conference delegate collects fees: 700 bay yuan, student 450 bay yuan. The delegate is registered to collect fees after June 1, 2009 850 bay yuan.
Intended contribute joins the staff of the meeting but with exceed connection of hard data association, if have a certain quantity of personnel ginseng is met, we will form a delegation collective is headed for.
Contact: Plum annals grand
Phone: 0371-67614360 13837111129
Fax: 0371-67657827

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