2008 China grind the travel before an industry is hard in adversity
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All previous classics develops for years, our country grinds an industry to begin to move toward maturity stage by stage, the brand consciousness of the enterprise is strengthened ceaselessly. However whole 2008 the situation that worries an industry to develop quickly is broken by callosity, grind an industry to be on the road of rapid development must continuous stop a machine by cutting off the power. Grinding the development speed whole that has an industry to put delay had been the fact that does not dispute. Be what reason lets China grind an industry to go before the hardship in adversity?
Industry internal cause
, grind an industry domestic trouble and foreign invasion
Of raw material price rise, the step up that labour force becomes brought about those who grind a manufacturing cost to increase, pressure increases. Began July from last year, abrasive, bond, other Yuan Fucai expects the price all rises considerably. Rise in price as raw material grind a price to rise generally also, of all kinds emery wheel, cut piece, the price such as wheelhead, oilstone also appeared of different level rise. The personage inside many course of study expresses, arrive from raw material cost of labour cost rise let grind an enterprise to facing grim situation. The RMB appreciates, make the profit that grinds an exit glides considerably, the exit travel before grinding an enterprise to be in hardship. The obstruction of exit is increased, primary export company already got lost home market partly now, farther aggravate the competitive strength of home market.
The profit of the enterprise is compressed very lowly so grind provide rising in price also is unavoidable, it is better inside short time to grind an enterprise to want rapidder development, so be about from grind provided quality side to make great efforts. As competition and commercialized farther aggravate, the profit that grinds an industry is met probably lower and lower, what the enterprise goes all out in the future is the technology of the product and brand.
Raw material rises in price, cost raises, the element such as exit suffocate suffocate makes ground an industry to get very big impact, these elements can be brought about whole grind an industry to develop inside period of time slow.
2, grind an industry general to accelerate " shuffle "
Suffer raw material price to rise ceaselessly, violent wind of international oil price rises, the element influence such as CPI index, and sale in domestic market of fight in some places one by one of numerous export business contends for the market, this is a war that does not have smoke of gunpowder, brutal market competition resembles wrestle of invisible life and death. Enter the half an year 2008 to come, hear constantly have the voice that grinds the stop production that have a plant to close, enter especially this year off-season, the sound that grinds the stop production that have a plant to close is faster than what come before more frequent.
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