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Face high cost the situation with the too fierce development of the industry, can energy-saving very grim situation that decrease a platoon, henan province ascends the near future that seal city to be in begin extensive environmental protection while special punish acts, produce through popularizing cleanness, optimize industrial structure, change to grow a variety of channel such as means, to come true to be able to last of economy, environment development enhances thrust.
To ensure of the energy-saving task that decrease a platoon finish smoothly, ascend a city to carry this year for industrial structural adjustment certainly fast year, urge industrial product construction in the round by primary give priority to Xiang Zhonggao end and high additional cost to give priority to change, industry structure by raw material give priority to change, industry to develop to deep treatment by resource dominant model to means of innovation dominant change, development by extensive model to.
Wait for traditional advantage industry to coal, electric power, metallurgy, building materials, ascend a city to increase technical reformation strength, spin industrial chain, exert oneself dominant position of industry of resource advantage translate into, advantage of economy of translate into of industrial dominant position. Among them, metallurgy industry enlarges aluminous goods the proportion in aluminous industry, support of stress of building materials industry ascends report to ascend the day such as group, Deng chamfer group, fleabane radical group group, newly to produce 4500 tons of above product line of new-style cement working a way, power industry rises the big unit such as China embellish electric power to generate electricity to produce medium proportion in whole town electric power further, be able to bear or endure lumber industry contends for the precede person that makes occupation standard, the high-end product such as corundum of zirconium, zirconium, high-grade ceramic occupies oxidize of industry of electric frit aluminium alloy product gross 50 % above.
Original of the car a replacement that ascends a city to return certain to having foundation, electron, high temperature, medicine is packed wait for an industry to increase policy to give aid to strength, ensure its are preferential development. Additional, ascended a city to still roll out a series of giving aid to policy. Among them, the resource that maintains to country, province uses a company integratedly, give one-time award; To going up newly, ability changes or the car electron of extend, equipment is made, biology medicine packs the scale that waits for project of industry of new and high technology and project of industrial structural adjustment to press investment to grant pay interest in the form of a deduction when selling a bill of exchange allowance.
Through multinomial and favourable policy tilt and fulfil, the rate of industrial structural adjustment that publishs a city is accelerated ceaselessly. Predict 2010, the technology that enters a town transforms the proportion that holds fixed assets investment to will raise 50 % , the technical equipment of 60 % above will reach home advanced or home is banner level, deep treatment industry and terminal industry increase value proportion to will achieve 50 % above, industry of new and high technology increases a value to will achieve 20 % above.
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