Fresh water river valley drafts extend to have bauxite project
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Reported on September 25 according to relevant media, river valley of Brazilian fresh water says its board of directors has been approved an alumina plant is built in Par á area----á of Companhia De Alumina Do Par (CAP) undertakes to having Paragominas bauxite project the 3rd period extend.
Initial stage of predicting CAP alumina factory is produced per year can be 1.86 million tons, later period is produced can extend achieves hopeful 7.4 million tons / year, first phase project invests 2.2 billion dollar, plan to began in October 2008 construction, hopeful 2011 first half of the year put into production. At the appointed time, paragominas bauxite will provide raw material to CAP alumina factory, predicting Paragominas3 period the extend defray of the project will reach 487 million dollar, produce per year can hopeful reachs 14.85 million tons from 9.9 million tons of existing promotion.