Force of labor of industry of silicon of Yi Li carborundum, metal is waited for
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In garden of industry of Yi Dong of Yi Ning county, company of estate of the silicon that know interest began trial production recently, company of estate of golden brilliant silicon will enter phase of put into production at the end of this month. Meanwhile, the company of 4 silicon estate such as Yi Jiang, California, Fu Xin, farsighted stone is in construction phase, predict to also will build entirely next year. Add the limited company of products of carborundum of Mai Si spy that has built go into operation at present, it is next year inside garden of Yi Dong industry, the industry that will form the business that produces silicon product by 7 above to comprise at least gathers group.
What is silicon industry? What is silicon industry expands a dominant position in Yi Li? Its foreground how?
The silicon product that silicon industry catenary and Yi plow
Current, the silicon product that Yi Li produces basically has carborundum and industrial silicon two kinds, among them carborundum basically is used at advanced and functional pottery and porcelain, fireproof material, abrasive and metallurgy raw material to wait. The use of industrial silicon is extensive, the development that uses the integrated circuit in computer etc electric equipment to solar energy daily from us and use cannot leave it, it is material of the structure of the domain such as silicon of manufacturing silicon alloy, organic silicon, polycrystalline silicon, monocrystalline silicon, fiber-optic, solar energy class and function.
In recent years, as inland resource of a few areas measures decrease, of electrovalency rise, the development space of company of product of a lot of silicon is restricted, arrive in succession stand by new natural resources to collect the area with the ground and inferior electrovalency to seek progress. Yi Li regards the sources of energy of Xinjiang as base, sufficient electric energy natural resources especially price of extremely low water and electricity is become attract these enterprises to enter a when be stationed in first requirement. "Of electrovalency cheap offsetted the weak influence with distance inland remote market. " a word of Fei Yong of deputy director general of Board of Trade of economy of Yi Ning county spoke company of outback silicon product to choose Yi Li's mainest objective factor.
Fei Yong says, current, the silicon product that Yi Li produces can be the primary raw material in silicon industry catenary only. For instance, green carborundum exports the United States as raw material, after passing new treatment technology, can sell back a home with severalfold price. But, this is a foundation, had soil only, just have the requirement of catenary of farther outspread industry. The utilization rate of on the spot of the weakness of industrial foundation, electric energy is not high, also make silicon industry becomes Yi Li to do his utmost to hit good an actual choice of economic base.
How long can low electrovalency privilege last?
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