The European Union is right China metallic silicon is released turn over dumping
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On October 7, 2008, european Union committee releases announcement to say, of the metallic silicon to originating in China formerly turn over dumping measure to will be about to expire on March 5, 2009, country of European Union member produces business to need the day that releases in this announcement to rise, before 3 months to maturity between refer to European Union committee start the application that opposes investigation of dumping sunset reexamine. Encode of custom of experience case product is 28046900.
1989, the European Union undertakes to originating in metallic silicon of China formerly put on record is investigated turning over a dumping; 1990, the European Union makes affirmative sex be cut into parts eventually to this case. After this, the European Union passes 2 times to turn over investigation of dumping sunset reexamine to originating in metallic silicon of China to start formerly, made continue the adjudication of levy. Up to now, the European Union had collected those who be as long as 18 years to oppose dumping tax to originating in metallic silicon of China formerly.