Silver city is given priority to with carbonization boron make chain of industry
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After entering countrywide transition town, silver city joins program of transition of staff natural resources city, thorough investigation and study, extensive consult opinion, undertook be combinged further to catenary of industry of unifinication of careful chemical industry, the industry plans to mature with each passing day. Rely on business of existing advantage mainstay, the chain of industry of boracic chemical industry that key development turns boracic, carbonization boron, oxidation boron to be main product with boric acid, nitrogen, it is the petro-chemical industry catenary of main product with polyvinyl chloride, it is the catenary of industry of ester of different cyanic acid of main product with phosgene, TDI, it is the catenary of chloric alkaline industry of main product for raw material, organic silicon with methane chloride, change hydrogen to be the catenary of industry of organic fluorine chemical industry of raw material with fluorine, it is the catenary of industry of coal chemical industry of main product with methanol, nitric acid, DMC, foster development group of industry of 7 systemic circulation, do do greatly strong " garden of new-style chemical industry " , make western base of large chemical industry.
In recent years, silver city is grabbed pay a state western the good luck of big development, catch single-handed strive for national support, catch single-handed produce learn to grind jointly, exert oneself fosters advantage mainstay business, chemical industry appears a speed the development the look of things with fast, good benefit, traditional chemical industry transforms promotion pace to accelerate, industry of unifinication of careful chemical industry starts good.