Ningxia develops the stress carborundum property
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"15 " since, ningxia municipality is with the market oriented, rely on advantage of resource the sources of energy and technical advantage, got rapid development. Carborundum industry develops a respect to want to have major breakthrough in innovation of science and technology, new technology, rise make scale of bead, milling, develop carborundum energetically fireproof material and goods, the research that accelerates product of project pottery and porcelain to wait, development and production. To 2010, carborundum and its product output achieve 300 thousand tons, sales revenue achieves 1 billion yuan, maintain the throughout the country advocate the position of producing area.
As we have learned, ningxia municipality is in " 915 " during, will advance the technical innovation system that gives priority to body with the enterprise actively to build, closely around energy-saving fall development of bad news, product, environmental protection administers 3 keys, the research that accelerates new technology, new technology, new product, introduce, development and application. "915 " during, maintain magnesium of metal, metal, electroanalysis advanced technique of home of aluminous, ferroalloy, carborundum and equipment standard, product of series of tantalum niobium Beryllium new material product is achieved or maintain international especially advanced level.
"915 " during, ningxia wants base oneself upon to be mixed at oneself resource technical advantage, make joint-stock source. It is to pass a variety of collaboration means to form coal - report - aluminous - catenary of industry of aluminous material deep treatment, construction dimensions is produce per year 3 million tons of collieries, the power plant of provide for oneself of installed capacity of 2 × 330MW, 250 thousand tons electroanalysis aluminium and 160 thousand tons of positive pole piece, increase electroanalysis aluminous much breed develops strength. 2 it is to drive magnesian industry to build coal - coke - report - ferrosilicon - gas - metallic magnesium and alloy - magnesian broken bits - cement industry catenary, can last what choose project of standard deep treatment and resource to be used integratedly project, construction has the metal of industrial characteristic to magnesium is produced and machine base. 3 it is the strength of research and development that increases product of deep treatment of ferroalloy, carborundum, increase special type alloy and the proportion that silicon is goods of compound alloy, carborundum. Encourage the area that centers in ferroalloy enterprise, pass resource conformity, the industry is adjusted optimize, build coal - report - ferroalloy industry group, expand circular economy. 4 it is to accelerate form a complete set of products of 600 thousand tons of fine lines to transform a project, finish from cast iron water - electric steel - make friends material - the conformity of metal industry catenary, development expands metal, raise iron and steel to produce beneficial result. "915 " during, want to develop the market adequately to configure medium fundamental action in resource, cogent increase industrial conformity strength, carry out cross a region, cross a trade buy, recombine, cogent raise an industry to concentration is spent and compete actual strength. It is to accelerate process of unifinication of smelt metal report. The affiliation such as the aluminous report that advances a variety of forms, ferrosilicon report proceed with, cultivate large company group, enhance the competitive actual strength of municipal metallurgical industry. The 2 combination that are stimulative medium and small businesses recombine. A few more wholesale industry groups are formed in the industry such as magnesium of ferroalloy, carborundum, metal, raise an industry to be spent centrally, enhance an industry to the technology is developed and fight risk ability.
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