Abrasives Zhengzhou guide enterprises to seize the industry standard for high g
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Abrasives Zhengzhou guide enterprises to seize the industry standard for high ground Recently, the author was informed that the People's Government of Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, Zhengzhou City, one out of 4.1 million yuan, in 2009, outstanding performance in the standardization of Zhengzhou Institute of abrasives such as grinding will be awarded 15 advanced units, and in organization and management standardization work to make a positive contribution to the Zhengzhou Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau in recognition of 9 units to be informed. In recent years, Zhengzhou Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau vigorously promote agricultural standardization, the strong implementation of industrial standardization, standardization of services and actively explore, and constantly improve standardization system, and achieved good results, the emergence of a number of standardization of advanced units. Only in 2009, Zhengzhou City, the area involved in the drafting of national standards to 27, the industry standard three, to declare a geographical indication. "Government attaches importance to effectively promote the development of standardization, standardization work forward, to better serve the local and even national economic development industry." Grinding Abrasives Zhengzhou Institute of senior Chung Yan Zheng told reporters. "In recent years, the industry generally reflect the uneven level of quality abrasive materials, in particular, have repeatedly called for grinding wheel manufacturers should increase the general quality control of abrasive means. To our current standards of ordinary abrasive, the abrasive testing methods for the relative improvement However, testing for strength properties of abrasive, has no uniform methodology. In order to unify domestic abrasive toughness measurement method to improve the abrasive means of quality control involved in the drafting of the development of the "ordinary abrasive milling toughness determination" and other national standards. implementation of new standards, increasing the abrasive performance testing methods to improve the quality control of ordinary abrasive means. to guide the industry production, standardized production and improve the quality of abrasive materials technology has played an important supporting role. " Zhengzhou Institute of Abrasives Grinding abrasives industry in our country the only comprehensive research institute in 2009, participated in the drafting of the "ordinary abrasive milling toughness determination" and nine national standards, through the National Standardization Management Committee for approval promulgated and access to the Zhengzhou city government 40 million reward. It is understood that, in order to further increase efforts to promote standardization strategy to continuously enhance the innovation potential of enterprises, promote industrial development and enhance the pillar industries, enterprises and products in the domestic and international market competitiveness, Zhengzhou Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau in the summary of the implementation of standardization strategy based on the results, actively preparing for the establishment of a standardized implementation of the strategy of Zhengzhou City, the Technical Committee to build a government-led, joint participation of the relevant functional departments of organization and operation mechanism and promote the mechanism. Zhengzhou developed agricultural standardization, industrial standardization, standardization of service objectives, implementation of the standardization work responsibilities, and to include all levels of government and relevant departments to the annual assessment. Record in the work product standards, enterprise standards for the record, carefully examined and verified the material, requiring material submitted for the record companies a complete, enterprise standards for the problems, help enterprises to be refined and improved, guidance and help enterprises in accordance with GB / T1.1 requirements, improve the standards and requirements in accordance with regulations on working hours, good standard of record keeping. The adoption of international standards and advanced foreign standards as the focus of the city's enterprise standardization, through the strengthening of advocacy and the demonstration effect of large enterprises, and actively encourage enterprises to adopt international standards and foreign advanced standards, recognized international standards to increase efforts to improve corporate standards level, thus contributing to the improvement of product quality. Zhengzhou Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau has also actively seek the support of the Government of standardization, increase efforts to support and preferential policies, the establishment of special funds, establish and improve the incentive mechanism to ensure standardized implementation of the strategy. On the active use of international advanced standards of corporate, tax and other aspects of implementation of the national preferential policies to support. The implementation of the ISO standards development projects and national standards and local municipal standards (technical specifications) development projects, given the appropriate assistance funds. In technical standards development, made outstanding contributions to promote the use of units and individual incentives to achieve a standardized means to promote sound and fast economic and social Zhengzhou development. According to statistics, nearly 3 years, Zhengzhou City, the county government allocated a special award for the standardization of funds totaling 13.64 million yuan, Zhengzhou City, a total professional commitment to the National Standardization Technical Committee, the Technical Committee, the Working Group of 24, involved in drafting national standards 52 , the industry standard of 17, won the China Standard Innovation Award for six, good standardization is recognized by 13 enterprises of the enterprise adoption of international standards 33.