A simple three strategies abrasives do e-commerce business
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Part of the forward-looking managers of small and medium abrasives are used in their own way to approach network marketing. Company approached the network, no doubt a very encouraging thing, but at the same time, I also can not The process of frustration and bitterness turn a blind eye. To help managers to shorten the painful process of exploration, first of all need some simple network marketing start ... ... First, the network information gathering Information gathering is a network marketing is an important step, but also easier for everyone to ignore. Many domestic small and medium enterprises in the information channels Abrasives are often relied on long-term experience in traditional marketing, in fact, Internet is a treasure trove of information, but this information is scattered distribution. If you master the method can use the Internet to find a large number of business intelligence, target customer information, reflect and put on the market Effects, and marketing information. Network information collected in the form, including online survey early, mid and late follow-up of feedback information order. Second, improve website sales, customer service system With the launching of Internet marketing, customer feedback, increased sales of purely relying on manpower to carry out follow-up and customer service can not meet demand, can not fully reflect the advantages of network marketing. Thus, the establishment of a network Contact sales and customer service system will become necessary. Information collected through the work of the network, the companies have enough market information to guide the conduct of this work. Use of the network system, customer service and sales management for SMEs, perhaps a simple customer contact recording system or sales records system. Small home should be pragmatic and do not have to spend useless Money. Third, value-added network marketing For qualified small and medium enterprises, can also further build value-added network marketing, such as "one to one" marketing, Web conferencing and online business and more. The "one to one" network marketing as an example: One possible we are familiar with the law, for a new customer, an old customer than to maintain the investment is five times higher. So, in one to one network marketing, it is important is not how much you know all customers But you know how much each customer. Traditionally, to achieve mutual communication with customers requires a lot of resources, only a few highly targeted products and services, or some very large investment companies, This marketing approach will be adopted. But with the advent of Internet, many small and medium enterprises, in support of advanced IT technology, there are conditions for a lower cost of inputs, from carrying out "one to one" network marketing. "One to One," the concept of network marketing is very broad and can cover the aforementioned areas of each of the network marketing: "one to one" web service "-one" network marketing, "one to one" market research Research ... ... now the international level, "one to one" Network marketing has been very popular in the country, it is also in the ascendant. Small and medium enterprises to take accurate if the appropriate and efficient network of marketing, will be able to compete in the network society Take their place, but surprisingly winning.