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On June 1, 2008 afternoon, grind a branch to hold by abrasive of association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool " countrywide abrasive worries an industry famous product evaluation is met " fall in guesthouse of Zhengzhou city pigeon next heavy curtain. Through each group commissioner collective billiard-marker is evaluated, preliminary grind a company product to be famous product through 22 abrasive. Abrasive grinds branch secretary-general Mr Cui Yu and branch the evaluation of standing vice-president Mr Chen Hesheng to this conference works express satisfaction. Standing vice-president Mr Chen Hesheng did summary sex to make a speech. Think the enterprise declares material meticulous reach the designated position, expert evaluation guards a pass principle of strict, evaluation is refined trenchant.
The evaluation qualification business that carries this will grind a net in Chinese abrasive aspirant travel is fair show, fair show a result to sign up for council to discuss, evaluate a result finally certainly.

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