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On September 2008 19 ~ are held 22 days in Liaoning Dalian city countrywide abrasive ground a trade news to hand in Summer 2008
Flow and Fair of carborundum of corundum of the 48th China. Inform concerned item as follows now:
One, conference time: On September 19, 2008 ~ 22 days, 19 days round-the-clock report for duty.
2, meeting site: Dalian beautiful scene (Jia Bai) big public house (seaside of area of Zhongshan of city of Dalian of 4 stars class east road 15) .
3, the conference is main content:
1, by China science and technology of expert of research of civilian battalion company, Chinese civilian battalion is promoted can pay capital of secretary-general, north business government scientific academy dean Professor Yuan Qingpeng is done " China;
2, committee of 3 professional jobs begins corundum, carborundum, emery wheel respectively the problem that with respect to the industry place of current economy moving condition, industry faces reachs the activity answer measure to suggest to wait undertake delibrate, communication wait;
3, commend 2007 industry 40 strong units (every kinds of product 10 reach by force exit 10 strong)
Announce the industry writes a result of product appraise through comparison and award a prize;
Commend the industry is energy-saving decrease platoon, cleanness to produce advanced unit.
4, the conference expends 1800 yuan / person (include board and lodging and travel charge) .
Pay the member unit of membership due is favourable 2008 200 yuan / person.
5, the welcome can represent the print on directory to send ad in congress ginseng. Black and white edition 500 yuan / edition, color 2000 ~ 10000 yuan / edition, every carries advertising company of purpose, arrive at sending character and picture before August 10 please electronic mailbox Caaorg@china.com
6, the conference welcomes commitment: Case valence is rectified 15 thousand yuan.
Favourable condition: ⑴ dismisses two people meeting Wu cost; Setting of ⑵ congress rostrum is listed company name; ⑶ enterprise shows in congress ginseng home page of conference representing directory gives chromatic ad one edition; ⑷ gives ad of color of institute the journal of an association one edition. Quota of people is finite, arrive to be gotten first first.
7, special inform:
The room measure that the hotel of 4 stars class that plans this takes is narrow, do not grant to include a house usually, at the same time this second conference has important speech, need to extend to join meeting number in order to control on behalf of card, join the person that meet please so that be arranged as a whole,a chapter sends conference receipt before August 20. Many thanks cooperates.
Traffic is how-to:
Railway station, hotel: Make an appointment with 7 kilometers; The airport, hotel: Make an appointment with 17 kilometers.
The railway station stands to worker sanatorium by 2 buses get off.
The airport turns to stand in worker sanatorium by 2 to green mud depression bridge by 710 get off.
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