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  Countrywide abrasive grinds an industry to write careful of famous product comment on to meet
Grind a branch to hold by abrasive of association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool " countrywide abrasive worries an industry famous product evaluation is met " , on May 31, in Zhengzhou pigeon guesthouse 2 buildings assembly room is held. The conference grinds branch secretary-general Mr Cui Yu to chair by abrasive, standing vice-president Mr Chen Hesheng had preliminary arrangement to the conference.
Before the meeting, the expert attending the meeting, enterprise delegate that attends evaluation and Chinese abrasive grind a net to join meeting personnel collective to die to seismic disaster area brethren stand in silent tribute a minute.
In the morning 8: 30-10: 00 for all preparatory meeting, main topic for discussion is 1, report enterprise is declared reach first trial situation. 2, talk things over to refine principle and evaluation means, program through panel is comprised and evaluating a condition. 3, affirmatory evaluation arrangement. Subsequently conference cent is corundum, carborundum, grind have 3 groups. Undertake the enterprise is declared respectively evaluate with the expert. Of every unit declare and evaluate time to be 15 minutes or so. The conference will last to June 1. Chinese abrasive grinds a net to will dog report.

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