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At present on March 2008 24, in Sichuan 27 days province the Chengdu City is held countrywide abrasive worried an industry December 2008 Fair of carborundum of information communication and corundum of the 47th China; Hold 4 council 3 times in session at the same time director conference. Inform concerned matters concerned as follows now:
One, conference time: On March 24, 2008, 27 days in all 4 days 24 day is round-the-clock report for duty
2, meeting site: Sichuan Chengdu brings Chengdu big public house (Chengdu tea store street 132 date)
3, the conference is main content:
1, report industry economy ran a condition 2007, the analysis is forecasted the industry was faced with a situation to reach 2008 answer measure to suggest;
2, countrywide abrasive worries an industry energy-saving decrease a platoon, cleanness produces demonstrative unit to award card ceremony;
3, hold abrasive of association of industry of machine tool tool to grind a branch 4 board the 3rd enlarged meeting. Conference discussion discusses the following and second reading:
The job summed up ⑴ branch 2007; The job was arranged 2008;
⑵ discussion is discussed establish carborundum, corundum about parting, grind, equipment and tool, of committee of job of 4 kinds of big products second reading;
The ⑶ concerned regulation according to branch work rules, undertake adjustment to director, standing director and vice-president unit;
⑷ bulletin grinds a brand to evaluate working progress circumstance and arrangement of below one phase about abrasive; Consider about the industry matters concerned of 20 strong appraise through comparison.
4, expert lecture:
⑴ " auto industry and abrasive are ground provide "
Person of give a lecture: "One steam group " Sun Fengyan of director of standard tool center
⑵ " the main factor analysis that affects pottery and porcelain to grind a colour and lustre "
Person of give a lecture: Cheng Baozhu of professor of Henan industry college
⑶ " how to use Gao Gui aluminous smelt high grade corundum "
Person of give a lecture: Limited company of new material of Guizhou new center senior engineer Shen Lanying
4, meeting Wu cost (include to feed, constellation and visiting charge) 1600 yuan / person
Pay 2007 the member unit privilege of membership due 200 yuan / person
5, congress arrangement appoints place paste advertisement in the hotel, the welcome registers the print on directory to send ad in congress delegate, black and white advertisement 500 yuan / edition, chromatic ad 2000 ~ 10000 yuan / edition.
6, conference welcome assistance assist do the price since the unit to be restricted 20 thousand yuan two unit
Assistance unit has price 10 thousand yuan
Favourable condition: 1, dismiss 2 people meeting Wu cost; 2, congress rostrum spray paint setting is listed company name; 3, the enterprise shows directory home page is registered in the conference and give chromatic ad one edition; 4, send ad of color of institute the journal of an association one edition.
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