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Should broad the strong demand that worries a manufacturing company, after the opinion that listens to partial dimensions enterprise adequately, abrasive of association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool ground a branch to held countrywide solid knot to grind a situation and countermeasure informal discussion in Zhengzhou on October 30, 2007. The whole nation 35 large and medium-sized the chief of mainstay business played a forum on invitation.
The conference analysed current solid knot to grind the manufacturing trends of abrasive of provided main raw material and development trend by branch secretariat above all. The tenet that emphasizes this second conference provides the platform of a communication for industry business namely, make an enterprise be below the cost of current raw material, complementary makings, manpower, condition that promotes considerably, overcome the adverse element that cost adds hard. Transform especially economy grows way, adjust product structure, support technology progresses, increase product class. Everybody combines our region the problem that the actual condition of this enterprise faces to industry industry place undertook communicating. In recent years the country implemented a series of measure that revitalize equipment manufacturing industry, make the equipment manufacturing industry of our country and machining course of study had very great progress. And as machinist job tooth grind a manufacturing industry to fall behind aloof however. Investigate its reason, because industry introduction doorsill is inferior, repeat construction serious, partial product is produced can superfluous, a few small companies adopt practise fraud, jerry, shoddy wait for method low competition. The industry was immersed in the situation do not have foreword of low competition. Business of a few big, medium-sized mainstays by force of existent pressure, the investment on the development of the application in updating equipment, new technology and new product is less, the technology that affected a trade directly progresses. Especially since this year, grind a production to rise considerably with price of main raw material, electric power, carry rise in price; Environmental protection investment increases and the promotion of manpower cost makes each enterprise produces cost to raise 50 % above. Palm corundum by half an year 2800 yuan before / ton rise at present 4000 yuan / or so tons, raise 40 % above. Green carborundum granuality is arenaceous by 7600 yuan / ton rise 10000 yuan / or so tons, raise 30 % above. Of colophony emery wheel main pink of complementary makings colophony rose 80 % above. Each industry rises considerably because of cost, while effort digests addition cost, to maintain normal production, took the step that move price in succession mostly, each enterprise reachs product diversity and complexity according to oneself circumstance, consider the level with acceptable user, extent is Yuan Gong this price (the directive price that polished a branch collection by abrasive 1995) rise 40 % of 20 % ~ .
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