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Branch each member company:
Grind a branch according to abrasive of association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool 4 3 board decisions, the statistical data that branch reports according to each enterprise, mix through checking examine and verify, roll out grind a manufacturing company, corundum to produce a business, carborundum production company and enterprise of imports and exports each 10 strong, give now commend. Hope to suffer commend unit guard against arrogance, on this foundation, ceaseless innovation is dug go, perfect management, make the company grows to stride new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position ceaselessly. Also hope industry colleague learns each other at the same time, strengthen communication, stimulative industry innovation develops, make for our country modernization due contribution.
   Abrasive ground an industry corundum to produce a business 2007 10 strong: Abrasive ground an industry carborundum to produce a business 2007 10 strong: Guizhou of limited company of resources of report of silicon of bridge of river of Lanzhou of company of group of mining industry of Chongqing rich contest is amounted to numerous Qinghai of finite liability company saves the 7th emery wheel mesa of limited company of abrasive of hair of jade of Zhengzhou of limited company of expensive strong carborundum coal industry (group) new coal of ooze of Shanxi of limited company of products of Yi Cheng carborundum is anxious Inc. Lin ShuzhengAbrasive ground an industry to worry a manufacturing company 2007 10 strong: Abrasive ground an industry to export a company 2007 10 strong: Abrasive of China of Inc. of industry of new technology of Shandong Lu Xingao grinds an abrasive of pigeon of company of imports and exports to grind a rich of limited company Chongqing to surpass 2 arenaceous deep couplet of city of Shenzhen of company of mining industry group abrasive of limited company pigeon grinds a limited company Shanghai to go up newly sand milling makings is ground

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