About publishing 2007 edition " Chinese abrasive grinds an enterprise directory
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Each member unit reachs relevant industry:
I can compile and print " Chinese abrasive grinds an enterprise directory " (medium, English) be get originally industry and gay of domestic and international user are practical manual. To get used to the situation of industry development and enterprise mechanism change, the decision is published 2007 edition " Chinese abrasive grinds an enterprise directory " (medium, English, big 32 book size) , ask expensive unit to assign person specially assigned for a task, press accessory one, the requirement of 2, type or regular script fills in accessory 3 " enterprise directory " watch (make clear fill out a form person and its connection phone, can not fill those who give English do not ascend) , and at be being sent before November 20 (or email and fax) grind a branch to abrasive. Publish " enterprise directory " uniform do not collect fee. Of this directory compilatory for commonweal sex act; As a result of this directory to issue each enterprise domestic and internationally to be sure to fill in according to the facts seriously, if because fill in a form and submit it to the leadership is wrong generation is undesirable sequential, by responsibility of law of conceit of unit of fill in a form and submit it to the leadership.
This " enterprise directory " impression is more, print excellent, cost is higher, the commitment that will receive partial business (see accessory 3) . The industry that every supports, can be in " directory " on transcribe propagandist page (of color or concolorous) .

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On October 26, 2006

Accessory one: " enterprise directory " format specification
Accessory 2: " enterprise directory " watch
Accessory 3: " enterprise directory " receipt of assistance conduct propaganda

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