Diamond of bond of pottery and porcelain grinds the problem that provided applic
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Because diamond is characteristic, make it right each function has bond of pottery and porcelain special requirement, because this is current,King Kong stone mill provides bond of domestic pottery and porcelain to had not gotten applied extensively. Stone mill of domestic King Kong is provided basically be colophony and metallic bond, dosage of bond of pottery and porcelain is very few still.
Its are main reason:
[1] because produce King Kong stone mill to provide,use microtherm bond, to reduce fireproof degree, a large number of basic stock introduce in bond, get bond of microtherm pottery and porcelain so, its each function (fireproof degree low, small hot coefficient of expansion, intensity) not easy control;
[2] when production is made, because exceed hard data laziness, consociate agent is wet to grinding a profit differ with felt ability, reduced bond to combine strength to wearing bead, grind man-hour is added in grinding, grind bead to fall off fast, wear and tear is big;
[3] in grinding treatment, because brittleness of pottery and porcelain is big, grind concussion is fought when use ability, fatigue resistance can be very poor, in using incidental fragile crack a phenomenon, affect thereby grind a grinding character, and performance of heat conduction of pottery and porcelain is poor, grinding district is local temperature is high, make exceed rub an easy hot wear and tear forcedly, also can affect grind a grinding character. This affected stone mill of King Kong of bond of pottery and porcelain to provide directly use.

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