The quality of corundum detects index
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Chemical composition: Its are inferior to Chinese abrasive so too Buck abrasive, the key depends on the basic material content such as CaO, MgO too tall.
Abrasive appearance: The key depends on broken and choose working procedure, different and broken method produces different figure abrasive. Essential remember: Can broken, can make acute angle is ground otherwise smooth, burnish slipped.
To calcine processing: Its action depends on releasing pulling force, produce chemical change, become blue.
Finishing: Its action depends on increasing abrasive and binder adhesion. Pottery and porcelain handles (CC-coating) : Too Buck, belong to physical processing. Silicon alkyl coating handles: Belong to chemical processing, but stability is poor, have a few weeks of time only, all be manufacturer oneself to undertake, effective to containing silicon abrasive, won't have the effect to corundum.
Carborundum hardness is tall, but the gender is fragile, restricted it to use, if undertake finishing to carborundum, in order to improve its brittleness, will have an outlook very.