The smooth processing of stone material surface 8 kinds of common methods
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Polishing: Exterior tall burnish. Polishing may not want possibly also for a long time continuously, basically see stone material kind. Normally polishing handles granite, Dali and limestone, and need should not safeguard together in order to maintain its burnish.
Burnish: Burnish the face looks very " soft " , scratch is apparent, need not nurse too much. Marble, limestone and slate suit to burnish processing.
Pickling: The surface has small corrode a trace. Pickling face scratch is less, exterior comparing burnishs the face is more plain. Major stone is OK pickling, but the commonnest marble and limestone. Pickling also bate granite burnish a kind of method.
Cut ax: The surface is not slick. After preliminary cut, undertake further treatment curium in order to eliminate apparently to stone material mark, but the aftereffect fruit that its effect short of burnishs. Granite, marble and limestone can be handled so, fall in custom-built circumstance normally.
Baked wheaten cake: The surface is rough. This kind of surface basically is used at indoor be like a floor or make commercial edifice facing, labor cost is higher. After high temperature heats, fast refrigeration formed surface of baked wheaten cake. Area of baked wheaten cake is general granite.
Craze: The surface is rough, unlike baked wheaten cake is coarse in that way nevertheless. This kind of finishing uses manual cut normally or in mine carve in order to show side of stone nature craze. This kind of finishing basically is used at slate.
Roll: The surface smooth or a little coarse, edge horn is smooth and submit broken form. A few kinds of methods can be achieved roll the effect. 20 millimeter brick can roll in the machine, 3 centimeters of bricks also can roll processing, break up next two bricks. Marble and limestone roll material of processing first selection.
Scrub: The surface is antiquated. Handle appearance of process scrub stone, imitate stone nature to wear away the effect.