Alloy curiums a note
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1) work environment
Machinery should install protection to overspread, prevent to come loose because of curiuming a damaged, fragment flies etc cause harm.
Prohibit standing by work place without partaker.
Work place should is far from explode combustibly, easily article.
2) dress, defend appliance
The person that work must wear protective glasses, prevent to come loose because of curiuming a damaged, fragment flies etc cause harm.
The person that work must notice cravat and cuff, cannot wear a glove, long hair wants park inside working cap, prevent by machine of be involved in, produce risk.
Before 3) is used, prepare
Ensure machine position is good, main shaft is not had be out of shape, it is H7 without public errand of diameter of oscillatory, axis.
The examination curiums piece have without owe caustic, fall off, unusual wear and tear and noumenon bend, the unusual appearance such as screwy, burst, curium in case a damaged, fly medicinal powder cause harm.
Affirm place choosing curiums piece deny suit to be expected by cutting, prevent to curium an unusual wear and tear, fall off, the unusual situation such as undesirable, overheat produces cut. If choose a mistake, the likelihood is caused curium piece fly with material damaged, fragment medicinal powder, produce contingency.
4) installation
Assure to curium a circumgyrate direction and direction of machine main shaft agree. If way is opposite, can cause bit to fall off, the fragment flies medicinal powder, produce contingency.
Choice internal diameter and curium a consistent, external diameter to curium an external diameter 1/3 slightly big (multichip curium appropriate is used curium a flange of external diameter 1/2) dish, believe firmly its do not have unusual wear and tear, bend be out of shape, the surface is clean adhere to without unusual thing.
Assure to curium big gap has not been had between an internal diameter and machine axis diameter, install good flange dish, screw nut.
Before exercise, affirm curium an ahead unmanned. Next idling, examination machine has without vibration, curium piece have without transverse reach radial to swing wait for unusual appearance.
Curium a rework (internal diameter is amended, treatment of fixed position aperture) must undertake by the manufacturer. If treatment is undesirable, meeting influence product uses the effect, and the likelihood produces risk.
When installation, curium commonly a 5-6 of tower above plank is toothed and advisable.
5) is used in
When using, be needed to secure by cutting material, lest cause unusual cut, bring about thereby curium a damaged, the fragment flies medicinal powder, produce contingency.
When using, discover sound and surface of oscillatory and unusual, cut are rough, when bending, must stop work, check in time, remove trouble. If continue to use, can cause curium a damaged, fragment flies medicinal powder, produce contingency.
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