The groovy machining method of composite material
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Fibre glass enhances pressing plate of layer of matrix of hot solid sex, adopt handsaw or fretsaw cut.
Thermoplastic refrigerant should be added when composite material uses the commonly used tool such as band saw and fretsaw. Composite material had better use oxygen of annulus of black lead / set have cut of hard alloy cutting tool. Curium saw strength is controlled to curium to assuring when cutting face quality is crucial. Although curium,cut temperature also should control an element one kind, but general effect is not big, won't exceed temperature of epoxy resin bate commonly because of curiuming highest temperature is come up against when cutting (182 ℃ ) .
Composite material can use metallic radical set diamond fretsaw curiums cut, its cut rate is slower nevertheless, and can make straight fretsaw cut only. Use diamond emery wheel to be opposite composite material undertakes radical of pottery and porcelain convention curiums cut, can have two kinds of rate: A kind of 250r/min, another kind of 4000r/min. This kind curiums cut can make cut face pottery and porcelain base composite material has quite big damage. Curiuming higher nevertheless when cutting rate, although attaint is big, but section is relatively even.
2, bore and profile modeling mill
Go up in composite material bore or when making profile modeling mill, use dry method commonly. Sex of most hot solid can produce systole after bore of classics of plywood of composite material layer and profile modeling mill, because want to consider certain surplus when this finish machining, namely broach or summary of dimension of profile modeling milling cutter are more than bore diameter dimension, use carbonization tungsten or diamond bit or profile modeling milling cutter. Had better have filled up with bolster plate when bore, lest the brim is statified,mix outer tear off. Additionally broach must keep sharp, must use fast eliminate to get bits and make workpiece temperature rise the smallest craft.
Thermoplastic when composite material bore, should avoid more overheat and the accumulation that get bit, for this broach due and specific helix angle, have wide and retreat bits chamfer glossily, broach awl needle wants to be made with special material. The helix angle after general broach blade is ground is 10-15 ° about, horn is after 9 - 20 ° , broach cone angle is 60 - 120 ° . Use auger fast concern with the material that be gotten not only, and still concern with bore size and bore deepness. The effect when rotate speed of ordinary hand electric drill is 900r/min is optimal, and stationary pneumatic drill is mixed for 2100r/min in rotate speed the effect when feed is 1.3mm/s is optimal.
3, milling, cut, turning and grinding
Polymer base composite material uses groovy and common lathe or table lathe can have turning, boring and cut conveniently. Treatment cutting tool is at present commonly used tungsten of high-speed steel, carbonization and diamond knife head. Use sand milling or grinding to be able to machine a high accuracy polymer base composite material component. The most commonly used granuality is 30-240 arenaceous belt or bosomy type grinder. Business of most city carry out all can be used with abrasive, but had better use synthetic resin to stick receive carborundum abrasive. Thermoplastic polymer base when composite material uses groovy and mechanical burnish, want to add refrigerant, in case abrasive block. Grinding has two kinds of machinery to be able to be used, a kind wet arenaceous belt grinder, another kind of dry method or wet and abrade dish. Refrigerant of going from place to place is not used when use carborundum or alumina emery wheel are abrade, in case workpiece molten.
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