Renovate a few points of burnish marble
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Stone material makes in order to and its nature efflorescent through year in year out, add nurse artificially undeserved, bring about its nature colour and lustre and brightness very easily to disappear, eye making a person cannot bear see; New adornment cost is too high, time is too long. Marble renovates craft to use chemistry and physical function inside very short time, the machine is carried on original basis abrade, polish, make its restore original brightness, nature of colour and lustre, brightness 100 percent, already when economy is saved again, service life is in 5 years of above.
Technological process
Use tool: Polisher of the machine of stone material face-lifting, terrazzo grinder, machine that wash the ground, marble, aspiration is bibulous disc of machine, diamond is 6 group, red mat, white mat, special 100 clean cloth
Use drug: Protective agent of talent of agent of add lustre to of material of KP92 of stone material abrasive, stone, stone
According to marble damage level differs, cooperate different diamond disc to undertake burnish with face-lifting machine, must abide by grain of stone material circuitry to undertake operating, till stone material surface is flowing and colour and lustre is unified; Till permeate,cooperate cushion burnish polish with abrasive dry; Cooperate cushion to undertake with agent of add lustre to till burnish is dry, till brightness restores to be like,protective agent of last in season undertakes burnish first. Via renovating basis of stone material surface its pledge from the figure different and highest brightness can amount to 120 degrees of above.
Marble is main and mineral group of an all sorts of calcite, dolomite or serpentine. Marble wear-resisting is spent and luminosity wants relatively than granite low. Face-lifting possibility is accordingly large, face-lifting difficulty is little, cost is relatively low. Face-lifting key raises flatness, luminosity, hardness to reach the processing that prevent ooze. Machine, abrasive, operation, wanted organic union to rise this at 3 o'clock, the foundation scathing rate uses stone material surface to be spent gently, in degree, deepness face-lifting.