Of razor blade of cutting of difficult treatment material choose correctly
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Current, all sorts of difficult treatment material if hard steel of temper by dipping in water, exceed hard agglomeration metal, heat-resisting material of super alloy, bimetallic already applied at industrial spare parts to make widely increasingly. Although use this kind of material to make a spare parts can gain exceedingly good performance characteristics, but also brought a difficult problem at the same time: How with reasonable part of implementation of every finished cost is final form cutting. Be worth to rejoice, tool supplier developed all sorts of at milling, turning using that process difficult treatment data successfully already nowadays new-style cutting razor blade, wait like razor blade of coating hard alloy, cermet razor blade, CBN razor blade, PCD razor blade. These new-style material razor blade used special geometry appearance and exterior coating, have property of caustic of exceedingly good wear-resisting, can bear concussion of the machinery in machining a process and thermal shock. But, if where,reasonable, effective ground uses these cutting bit in production, still need and master supplier of professional knowledge tool to cooperate closely.
Because cost of cutting razor blade is relatively inferior (cost of razor blade of general hard alloy holds treatment totle drilling cost only 3% , CBN razor blade holds treatment totle drilling cost 5% ~ 6%) , accordingly, be managing finished cost and choose cheaper razor blade blindly actually likelihood not be to one's profit. New-style material razor blade although the price is more expensive, but can shorten handling time, prolong cutting tool life, improve product quality, because this may have better economy.
On the other hand, lose contact with reality to treatment needs and choose new-style material razor blade blindly, increase finished cost possibly also (price of CBN razor blade can amount to hard alloy razor blade 8 ~ 10 times) . In addition, when using new-style material bit, if use incorrect cutting speed and feed rate, also can affect workpiece to machine quality and cutting tool service life. Accordingly, the need when choosing razor blade of cutting of difficult treatment material evaluates treatment economy and integrated consideration correctly whole treatment process.
CBN razor blade passed aggrandizement and passivation processing, collapse blade appearance can avoid effectively when material of workpiece of 50HRC of cutting hardness >
Treatment economy is integrated balance
When choosing cutting razor blade, need undertakes assessment to whole treatment task. Mix in precision of measure of OK and contented work the surface is bright and clean spend a requirement, considered handling time and razor blade to change below premise, choose the price to be able to achieve better treatment economy relative to razor blade of inferior hard alloy. Pass accurate knowledge and integrated balance production lot, handling time and bit property, can reasonable choose cutting razor blade, achieve raise productivity to machine the effect.
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