Stone material grinds a craft parameter to machine efficiency to affect an analy
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Granite machines a process, power of cutting tool treatment and cutting tool wear away the parameter between has very main effect to efficient treatment rate.
Efficient treatment is the material with the work that cutting tool gives the largest amount with cost treatment of lowest or most purify, lowermost cost should rely on to lengthen cutting tool life to assure. Increase cutting dosage (penetration of a cutting tool of cutting speed, feed speed, back is measured) can improve treatment efficiency effectively, but, if cutting dosage is exorbitant, cutting tool wears away to be met aggravate, the service life of cutting tool also shortens, finished cost lifted accordingly. Accordingly, in treatment efficiency and cutting tool wear away between have a reasonable craft parameter, make cutting tool falls in normal tatty circumstance, achieve highest treatment efficiency.
By the sheet when grinding of emery wheel plane those who wear bead is average cut thick formula:

1, increase emery wheel linear velocity: Because can increase what unit time participates in cutting,wear a number and make odd grind bead to be cut on average thick decrease, consequently, in keep odd grind bead to be cut on average thick the material purify rate that raises workpiece to send into speed to raise grinding accordingly can be carried below changeless condition.
2, increase emery wheel linear velocity: Make grinding force, grinding is compared can and data is critical the ply that become bit dropped, improved data thereby but grinding processability.
Same, to the processing of granitic different face, raise feed speed and increase cutting deepness to be able to improve treatment efficiency, but the cutting ply that also makes wear bead increases, grind annulus use up big, accordingly, must increase cutting speed to reduce the cutting thickness that wears bead, there is collocation of a first-rate between 3 parameter namely, can assure a tool wear away inside normal limits, and cutting efficiency is obtained optimal.