Get together the accurate mirror grinding of brilliant diamond
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1 preface

Get together brilliant diamond (Polycrystalline Diamond, abbreviation PCD) by diamond of special processing single crystal small pink is in with a few binder condition of high temperature high pressure issues agglomeration and become new-style exceed hard data. Use K kind hard alloy razor blade is base, PCD is in what squelch above base and say into PCD compound piece. Diamond grain is arranged to make its have even tall hardness and tall wearability without foreword in PCD, be applied extensively at the industry such as cutting tool, tool and mould. And PCD is compound piece as a result of base action, be in it is certain to assure to be in again below hardness and wearability premise the give attention to two or morethings on degree intensity and tenacity, expanded to use a field further thereby, together with cost is low, have use value and applied perspective more so.
But, super- hardness and exceed wearability from beginning to end PCD material nicety machines the biggest obstacle, conventional treatment method is almost helpless. Develop as processing technique, special type craft is used at PCD material treatment gradually, but still put in a lot of inadequacy, treatment quality all is like person meaning harder. Accordingly, increase need increasingly to PCD material to satisfy industry to develop, introduced metallic bond to exceed hard abrasive emery wheel online electroanalysis nap (technology of ELID) accurate mirror grinding, aim to carry this technology experiment and research, nicety of exploration PCD material machines new approach.

2Experiment of accurate mirror grinding of PCD material ELID
American GE company is used to produce PCD-1500 series to get together in experimental data experiment brilliant diamond is compound piece. Function of its physics machinery is shown like right watch.
Experimental condition lies in MM7120A nicety of axial quadrature stage adds outfit proper motion to develop ELID grinding to electroanalysis on planar grinder electrode device, deserve to develop fluid of emery wheel, grinding and power source with proper motion, form ELID grinding system.
The experiment is CIFB of emery wheel of diamond of cast-iron fiber bond with emery wheel, norms? 5mm of × of 10mm of × of 240mm × 90mm, granuality W5. Proper motion of nap power source is used to develop ELID grinding in the experiment power source of special and high frequency pulse, power source outputs voltage to be 0 ~ 140V, electric current 0 ~ 10A, pulse frequency 0 ~ 500kHz. Grinding fluid uses proper motion to develop special grinding fluid. Because fluid of ELID grinding grinding holds electrolyte concurrently, accordingly, use liquid of alkalescent Shui Rong grinding, except add antirust, passivator, extremely outside pressing additive and synthetic lubricant, still need a certain quantity of inorganic salt, electroanalysis in order to make grinding fluid is had ability.
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