The application of diamond spin studies
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The one sort in diamond crystal natural impurity (the nitrogen that be called, vacant center) have state of spin of odd electron of a distinctive, macrobian life, this condition can be controlled through optical method and detect. This kind of property can be used to generate " spin electron " parts of an apparatus, use likely in respect of quanta information processing. Two groups are in this period Nature magazine introduced this kind of technology to be become in nuclear magnetic resonance of accept rice measure like respect application. The person such as Maze introduced to use control of diamond spin be concerned with to undertake magnetism sends feeling work. They discover, will tell from the principle, to accept rice - tesla magnetic field (this kind of magnetic field is equivalent to an individual proton basically be apart from location to produce magnetic field in 10 accept rice) undertake be metricaled accurately likely. The person such as Balasubramanian introduced to build a kind to use diamond spin to undertake acute, high resolution is become stride like methodological place original a few paces. They discover, individual nitrogen, vacant center position is OK resolution of 5 accept rice will decide. In what deserving to send article of a News & Views, michael Romalis points out, these two kinds of methods union rises, undertake detect and be becominged resembling to individual nuclear spin likely, determine single element structure likely still even. Because above these two experiments undertake below room temperature, so we can anticipate these methods can apply at biologic research.